What iDreamCatcher is about?

Gleb Esman

Gleb Esman

More than 10 years ago I set myself on a challenging quest to improve the quality of my life. It proved to be much more challenging than I thought.

With plenty of information available on the subject every single resource available does indeed sounds like it is going to be the final and ultimate source of absolute truth for you to become happy, healthy and prosperous. Thus adding more to the confusion rather than helping people.

Hundreds of authors driven by inspiration and baggage of theoretical knowledge created countless works on the subject of helping people to better their lives. Some works were recognized masterpieces written by well known experts and speakers. Thousands of entrepreneurs created an abyss of derivative products of a different quality levels on the subject.

It took me a while to realize that desire to help quite often does not really make you any helpful. Many convincing concepts, books and systems were nothing more than the result of author’s projection of his own problems onto other people.

Many creators of self help educational materials blindly confused consequences for causes and developed philosophies that guided people (including myself for a while) to chase shadows and reflections.

It is often observed that even successful businessman would attribute his own success to pure acts of “doing”. I became successful because “I did that…”. So you “do this…” and you’ll succeed. And millions of followers would do just what they are being told. Result?

Poor get poorer, rich gets richer and millions of others remained unchanged. Sounds familiar?

My quest was to find the truth. In the most experiential way possible. To try everything myself and prove or deny usefullness of certain self help concept, systems, methods or approaches.

I am grateful to all of them. I’ve read, practiced and lived everything that was possible to practice. It helped me to dig deeper to discover real key elements. Real gold nuggets of personal development magic that makes universe to hug you and pull kick you out of the rut :)

After hundreds of read books, thousands hours of meditations and countless numbers of dedicated practices I felt growing desire to share my discoveries with the world.

This site is dedicated to You.

To help YOU to cut through the fluff (or rather avoid it at once), to spare yourself from inefficient and time consuming approaches and firmly and quickly get on the way to Catch Your Dreams.

To Happier Life.

To Real Prosperity.

To Real Success.

To Catch Your Dreams.

To Embrace Your Real Self.

Gleb Esman

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