Law of Attraction and Manifesting Reality Coaching


Email Coaching:
1 hour
Manifesting Reality
Fast Start Plan

  • Personal and confidential attention
  • Emergency tuning
  • Getting you back on track toward manifesting your desires
  • Detailed, specific, personalized interactions over email tailored to your situation, needs and dreams
  • 2-3 interactions
Email Coaching:
1 day
Manifesting Reality
Traction Plan

  • Everything from Manifesting Reality Fast Start Plan
  • Discussing LOA/manifestation techniques that works for you
  • Deeper analysis of your situation
  • Personalized LOA advisory
  • 8-10 interactions
Email Coaching:
1 week (7 days)
Manifesting Reality
Accelerate Plan

  • Everything from Manifesting Reality Traction Plan
  • Getting clarity over necessary elements to attract your desires
  • Building step by step, easy to follow personal action plan
  • Setting you up on intensified track toward manifesting your dreams and desires.
  • Personal email interactions over 7 days.
Email Coaching:
1 month
Manifesting Reality
Master Plan

    • Everything from Manifesting Reality Accelerate Plan
    • Establishing actionable steps to eliminate limiting beliefs that may of held you back in the past.
    • Building advanced, highly personalized action plan with detailed daily schedules for you to follow.
    • Working with you and tuning your plan and progress with necessary adjustments as you making progress.
    • Personal email interactions over 30 days
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