How to be a Healer

Would you like to be able to heal other people, your loved ones and even yourself just with the power of your own mind?
It is possible, and it all depends on your desire, passion and inspiration.

I personally experienced what others would name “miraculous healings” from the hands of an energy healer after being told by one of the brightest chiropractic authority in California that my case is helpless. Our own babysitter in one free healing session corrected what $5,000 of fees paid to well-recognized medical professional couldn’t.

That experience fascinated me to the extent that i studied and read multiple books that somehow touched the subject of healing. Afterwards, with some practice I was able to heal myself numerous times from smaller scale ailments including the ones that were quite annoying and incurable for 20+ years using all possible conventional means. In a casual manner I helped other people as well.

While studying the subject of healing i began finding a strong correlation between techniques and approaches mentioned in multiple sources. I think The Teachings of Abraham gave the best introduction and specific, practical summaries on this exciting subject.

So lets get to the essence of it all and begin with the definition of an inner emotional state named “The Vortex”.

The Vortex is a key concept in The Teachings of Abraham and it represents an inner emotional state of a person who is connected with universal energy.
Your inner emotional state is your indicator of alignment with who you really are – with the higher energy, the larger non-physical part of you, the God if you will.
Without this alignment the life is a struggle and a reflection of some dis-ease.
With this alignment in place – the energy flows freely and your healing and manifesting abilities are available to you.

As Abraham defined The Vortex:

The Vortex is an emotional state. It is an emotional state of beingness.
— The Teachings of Abraham

Your real life experiences mimics your emotional experiences, your dominant emotional state.

In order to manifest your desires including your ability to heal others you need to get in- and to be in The Vortex state first. Then everything comes to you almost effortlessly and quick.
Being in the vortex means an absence of resistance. As it’s only your own resistance that holds you from achieving your dreams.

How do we know when we are in the Vortex, what kind of feelings are associated with being in the Vortex?
The Vortex is associated with the feelings of Worthiness, Confidence, Completeness, Certainty, Stability, Elation, Passion, Appreciation, Freedom.
Presence of any one or more of these feelings in your current state indicates that your current state is either in or very close to being in the Vortex, and you are connected to Who You Really Are.

How do you get in the Vortex state?
If you are not in the current state of appreciation you will need to make a consistent, focused, dedicated effort to lift your emotions up, toward positive until you reach the state of general appreciation.
There are two ways to go about it, passive: meditation and active: by actually practicing appreciation thoughts.
Meditation is a good tool to quiet the mind and quieting the mind would mean releasing the resistant thoughts. Once resistant thoughts are gone – you automatically move toward the state of appreciation.

Alternatively you may take proactive approach in achieving The Vortex state. It will involve an inner work to change your current non-appreciative attitude toward current events and conditions of your life to more positively felt attitude.
If something causes you to feel irritation – begin with changing your attitude, your thoughts toward it to more general, less specific, less negative thoughts.
From “I hate when he lies to me”, to:
“I think i lied to others myself on a few occasions as well and I can sort of understand a bit more why others do it.”.
Feel the difference?
From “My boss is annoying and my work is crappy” to:
“The boss is doing his best to arrange things so the business will succeed and if I’d be on his place I likely would start look at things very differently. My current job is not my ultimate dream job, but it helps me to take care of things that otherwise would be more challenging. Nothing prevents me from learning to be more and more positive and to be on a lookout for more opportunities.”
Feel the difference?

That is the process of changing attitude toward any subject that just a minute ago felt sharply negative.
That’s a general idea of self-talk you want to use to steer yourself toward in order to release present resistance.
By guiding your thoughts – you soften resistance, and move yourself toward more positive emotional feedback.

You talk yourself into and you feel yourself into more and more positive emotional state. You do it until you can feel growing inner feelings of appreciation toward more and more things and beings that surrounds you.

Ultimately you want to reach the general state of being in appreciation – you want to be in the state of appreciation toward most objects and events that are active in and around your current life.
That is the only, and necessary precondition to be a successful healer.

The feelings of appreciation and the feeling of unconditional love are vibrationally very close to each other.
The more you appreciate the more Jesus-like healing powers are available for you.

From this emotional state of appreciation everything becomes possible for you. And that includes your ability to manifest desires into physical form as well as to heal others – people and even animals, and accomplish all that without others knowing that you are doing that.

Your first and most important task on the journey of being a healer is to achieve an emotional state of bliss – The Vortex, regardless of what is going on around you.
It is from that state you will be able to facilitate the healing process.

Once you’re in the vortex, you hold the person you want to heal as your object of attention and see this person “with the eyes of source”.
In other words – you see them as perfectly healthy, happy, full of inspiration and energy. Specifics does not matter although your vision will be matching the state the person would be in if they’d be completely healthy. This applies in the same way to yourself as well.
Please note that this is not the process where you connect to some sort of wellness “hose” and then shower others with the “wellness stream” from it.

The healing of OTHERS is the process of YOU getting in vibrational sync with the universal energy of well-being FIRST and ONLY THEN, from within this state holding another person as your object of attention.

When you do it – you do not see the illness – you see the wellness. You see this person through the eyes of source – and through the eyes of source you can only see wellness. You see and feel how you and another person would be in the perfectly healthy way.
You don’t push, you do not enforce or try to “inflict” wellness to other. You align yourself with universal energy first and only than, from that state, your power to heal will be available to anyone who becomes your object of attention in a loving way.
If you need to communicate with ill person, don’t speak to them as if they are not well. Maintain your vision of well-being for them. This vision is “in the vortex” version of them.
When you keep the person as your object of attention while you are staying in the vortex – the resistance dissolves and well-being flows continuously.

The healing process is aligning with the energy of well-being, and that alignment we may call love, this is an alignment with the pure non resistance energy. And from that state when you hold someone as your object of attention you make it easier for them to tap into that energy, just because you have it, that is what healers of all times has discovered.

This process takes practice, focus and discipline. You have to “not see” the illness.
Just like you can easily envision clean hands under the dirt just before you wash them – you see the well-being of the person as you look at the person and hold that person as your object of attention.

I repeat the basic concepts multiple times here and I do it on purpose. That is to deliver the essence of the art of healing to make sure you see how your inner emotional state gets you connected to the universal well-being.

You cannot focus on other’s illness and assist them with wellness. You cant let them to talk you out of the vortex into their concerns. Speak to ill person in more general terms to convey the healing concepts but do not address specifics of how this process works if person is not ready.

At the end it is not what you say – it is how you feel is important.

Sometimes you have to fight for that general feeling inside you as others wants to talk about negative specifics of their state. Be oblivious to their illness, do not make that resistance energy be active in your vibration.

That is how Jesus healed – he did not allow himself to see your illness, instead her only knew your wellness.

For many people these concepts are incomprehensible.
Hence – do not insist it upon others or try to convey understanding of it. Many people believe that only physical intervention will allow them to get better. And it is ok.
In this case it might be helpful to combine gentle, soothing touch in combination with clear focusing on your inner alignment. People will likely expect more results from touching than from the power of your mind. Soothe them and use your mind in the way described.

No matter what the condition, you are going to focus on wellness. And when you hook in to what is in their vortex even if they are not hooked in to it – they can tell that you are. The larger part of them know what you know. And when the larger part of them know what you know – and you expressing that – you got instant trust.
— Abraham, The Words to the Healer