Law of Attraction – The Teachings of Abraham

First time I was introduced to Esther, Jerry Hicks and the teachings of Abraham was by the virtue of their books few years ago. The subject of intention manifestation was and is particularly fascinating for me.

Recently I came across Abraham Hicks video clips on YouTube and this time the impression was not only positive it was shocking! The clarity and depth of Abraham’s teachings and surgical precision of the answers was beyond the impression the one would get from self-help workshop. Timeless truth was delivered in simple and easy words, tricky questions were answered with powerful blend of wisdom, humor and energy. Watching video clips from Abraham workshops and events was very entertaining and inspiring experience.You see the eyes, you hear the voice, you see eagerness to get an answer on impossible questions. With every word of Abraham you observe the person starting to relax, shine with inspiration and glowing with emotions of joy from simplicity of an answer that addressed the problem felt unmanageable just a few short moments ago.

After reading so many works of enlightened teachers I learned to recognize the word of a master from the word of a self-help guru or educator. When timeless wisdom comes by your experience – your inner being recognizes the truth. The unmistakable depth and the crystal clarity is there!

We are lucky to live in these wonderful times where we access the word coming from the Source in a matter of minutes. No need to travel thousand miles to attend monastery on the top of a mountain to learn from The Source.

Esther started to channel Abraham in 1986 and with the great help from Jerry Hicks (who passed away in 2011) – the workshops became available as a recordings worldwide.

It’s amazing to observe an amazing consistency of Abraham’s line of answers that was flawlessly maintained for more than 25 years! I welcome you to watch the videos and prove to yourself the quality and practical usefulness of Abraham teachings.

If needed to summarize The Teachings of Abraham in a few sentences – to make your dreams come true – you need to make yourself to feel emotionally good even if your outside circumstances are totally to the contrary.

Once you can learn to take control over your emotions – the goodness begins to flow your way! The most practical and fast way to get your emotions under control is learning to appreciate. Practice to appreciate things you love (that’s an easy part), then move over to appreciating things you didn’t care much about and then, just to make things interesting, learn to appreciate stuff that previously caused you to feel negativity. Once you grasp that skill – you’re well on your way to manifesting your desires.

Abraham says that no matter your current situation or current conditions – with a little willpower, desire and practice – you can make yourself feel good and get in full alignment with your own Vortex – your energy reality holding ALL your dreams.

Remember – feel good no matter what and appreciate!

And, on a final note, if you have a blog or website – you may boost your appreciation practice by creating your own Appreciation Widget, customizing it and placing on your website to share with the whole world your appreciation!