Appreciation Widget

Appreciation is the key concept in all Law of Attraction teachings. To state simply – when you enter the mode of appreciation – everything you ever wanted begins flowing to you. Appreciation dissolve resistance and shifts you into the allowing state. The beauty of this process is that it really does not matter what are you appreciating as long as that sweet feeling is alive inside you. The key to manifestation of desires is to maintain high vibrations of appreciation consistently. When you appreciate another being – this energy is being “picked up” immediately and starts flowing back to you as well as increasing the flow of love and appreciation energy in the outside world. This process is instantaneous and subconscious. To increase to flow of appreciation in the world – I’ve created this special “rampage of appreciation” widget.

If you place it on your blog or website – your words of appreciation showers every single visitor of your online portal. As person sees your statement of appreciation – the immediate reflection process continues through that person’s mind and, in turn, positively affects his or her surroundings. This way you becomes the light of appreciation that starts to shine all over the world, even when you sleep!

To create your own, free “Rampage of Appreciation” widget, just click on it, copy the snippet of HTML code and paste it on your blog or website.

You may copy the widget code as is, or customize it’s size and appearance any way you wish!

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